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Nice to meet you, I'm Ziby!

I'm a Digital Illustrator, MangakaVArtist

and soon to be VTuber from Italy.

I've been practicing manga and Japanese

illustration techniques for many years.

From 2018 to 2021 I attended various courses

and master classes at  Lucca Manga School

and Lucca Manga Academy, were I've been

trained by manga professionals.

I've worked for Italian and international publishing

companies as lead artist and assistant for manga

and webtoon series.


I hope you'll follow my artistic and professional journey!

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Custom illustrations, assets and more! 

If you need an illustration to promote your business, assets for your streams or you'd simply like to see a character in my drawing style, take a look at my price list!


For business inquires, you can mail me at 

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Art Prints and cute Gadgets! 

Visit my little online shop, where I sell prints of my illustrations and

cute gadgets drawn by me. I also ship worldwide! ♡

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Or visit my social links!

  • alt.text.label.Instagram
  • alt.text.label.Twitter
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